Wheelie bins MGB 360 litre from Weber

Wheelie bins MGB 360 litre

  • Nominal volume 360 L
  • Nominal loading capacity 144 Kg

manufactured by compact injection moulding process from specially developed, high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1

resistant to UV, frost, heat and chemicals

emptied by stepped comb-lifting device (shape A), reinforced by additional ribs

equipped with two solid rubber maintenance-free 200 mm diameter wheels; also available with 300 mm diameter wheels

corrosion-protected steel axle, zinc-plated

with integrated chipnest in the frontal comb; accommodates transponders (RFID chips) compatible with the most widely used ID and weighing systems

available in standard colours of grey, green, blue and brown; additional colours available

the smooth inside and outside surfaces allows for easy cleaning

strong ribs allow for high stacking and, thus, reduced shipping costs

with raised edge to prevent water ingress (e.g. during rain)

meets the requirements of EC directive 2000/14 EC. Marked with the appropriate decibel level and CE symbol

Wheelie bins MGB 360 litre from Weber in detail:


Options for the wheelie bins 360 L

The following special equipment is available at a surcharge:

Injection-embossed marking

If required, we can mark the lid of your two 2 wheeled commercial waste wheelie bins with embossed inserts. This can include the year of manufacture, your company name in the customer field, or text in the information field, for example, “NO HOT ASHES"... we are happy to offer our advice.

Marking with hot-foil printing

We can customise the bodies of your two 2 wheeled dustbins with single-colour hot-foil printing. This may include your company logo, city crest, lettering or information such as "waste paper only".

Various Locking systems

To prevent the unauthorised use of your mobile commercial waste wheelie bins, you may have them fitted with a lid-locking system. You may choose between a standard triangular lock and an automatic gravity lock with profile cylinder. The gravity locks allow the lid to automatically open during the emptying process and do not need to be locked again manually after the process.

Chipnest / Transponder

To allow for efficient and automatic container- management, you may equip your two 2 wheeled trash/garbage bins with a data carrier (RFID chip).


For this purpose, the domestic waste bins are fitted with a chipnest in the frontal comb, in accordance with DIN 30745 and RAL GZ 951/1.


Wheel with 300 mm diameter

To facilitate handling of the commercial waste wheelie bins, especially on rough terrain or during snow, they can be fitted with 300 mm diameter wheels.

Apertures in the lid

As producer of high quality wheeled refuse bins, designed for outdoor use, we offer special applications for special situations. Our wheeled recycling bins are available with circular or rectangular apertures for glass or paper.

Wheelie bins 360 l are ideal for the disposal of your general waste, organic waste, etc. Find out more about our waste disposal products!

In addition, the following options are available at a surcharge

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