Mobile Waste containers MGB 1100 litre flat lid with lid in lid from Weber

Mobile waste containers MGB 1100 L FL LIL

  • Nominal volume 1100 L
  • Nominal loading capacity 440 kg

all waste containers are produced in accordance with DIN EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1

manufactured by compact injection moulding process from specially developed, high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

resistant to UV, frost, heat and chemicals

stepped comb-lift for maximum safety during emptying; optional emptying by lifting trunnions reinforced with steel inserts.

easy filling through additional smaller lightweight lid

200 mm diameter quiet-running, solid rubber castors with 360° swivel range

standard equipment features 2 x footbrakes; also available with central braking

chipnest to accept transponders/data carriers, compatible with common weighing and ID systems

all metal parts are zinc plated and resistant to corrosion

well-positioned handles on body and lid for convenient handling from all sides

simple replacement of both additional and main lid

the smooth inside and outside surfaces of the refuse container allow for easy cleaning

available in standard colours of grey, green and blue; additional colours upon request

Mobile Waste containers MGB 1100 litre flat lid with lid in lid from Weber in detail:

Dimensional drawing mobile waste containers
Image gallery: mobile waste containers
Options for mobile waste containers
mobile waste containers 1100 L Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing

Sizes, dimensions and measures of the mobile waste containers 1100 L FL LIL

mobile waste containers 1100 L FL LIL Dimensional drawing
Image gallery: mobile waste containers

Image gallery

Image gallery: mobile waste containers 1100 L FL LIL

Mobile waste containers 1100 L FL LIL

The mobile waste containers with two-part flat lid is made of high quality plastic and noted for its excellent ease of handling. The four 4 wheeled recycling containers is manufactured in accordance with European Standard EN 840 Parts 2, 5 and 6 for mobile waste and garbage bins.

View of lid

The sturdy two-part flat lid (lid in lid) of the four 4 wheeled commercial waste containers has a slightly rounded shape to prevent rainwater ingress. If required, the two-part lid can be replaced by a single lid.

Additional lid

The practical additional smaller lid of the mobile waste containers significantly eases the deposit of waste into the domestic waste bins. If required, the additional smaller lid can be flipped back to approx. 180°.


The four 4 wheeled commercial waste containers with fat lid features ergonomically positioned open handles which allow for easy and secure movement of the recycling containers, even when fully loaded. The design of the handles allows users/operators to have a good and secure grip even when wearing gloves.

Travelling gear with footbrakes

The standard braking system of our four 4 wheeled trade waste containers consists of footbrakes (double-stop). Wheels and swivel rings are blocked when depressing the brake pedals. The wheels of the dustbins can be locked independently of each other.

Mobile waste containers 1100 L with lid-in-lid facilitate your waste disposal and are part of our modern product range of 4 wheeled bins!



Options for the mobile waste containers 1100 L FL LIL

The following special equipment is available at a surcharge:

Lifting trunnions

If required, our four 4 wheeled garbage bins/trash cans can be fitted with lifting trunnions (for DIN devices) in accordance with EN 1501-5. The trunnions of the mobile waste containers are reinforced with steel insert.

Side handles

Side handles can be fitted to our mobile waste containers from the producer Weber. The handles are in accordance with EN 840-2 and assist the manoeuvring and lifting of the mobile garbage bins. They consist of high quality plastic and are supplied as standard if you order the travelling gear with central braking system.

Travelling gear with central braking

Our four 4 wheeled mobile waste containers is also available with a central braking system as an option. A foot pedal installed at the right side of the refuse bins engages the central braking system. The system is unlocked with a triangular key inserted into the side handle.

Wheel variations for special applications

If your four 4 wheeled waste recycling bins need to travel longer distances or have to carry particularly heavy loads etc., you should equip your domestic waste bins with special heavy-duty wheels. We offer a huge variety of special wheels for various applications, including heavy-duty castors with steel rims and roller-bearings, castors with non-marking or non-chalking surfaces and polyamide wheels. We would be pleased to advise you on the most suitable.

Steering locks (directional locks)

If you want to use your four 4 wheeled mobile waste containers, for outdoor use, with a towing kit, it is essential to fit steering locks to two castors of your waste container. These will keep the castors of the dustbins in line with the direction of the towing vehicle.

Marking with hot-foil printing

Customised and permanent marking of our wheeled recycling bins is available at a surcharge. Our mobile waste containers can be hot-foil printed in a single colour on the lid and/or the body.

In addition, the following options are available at a surcharge:

  • Manual and automatic (gravity lock) lid locking devices

  • Fixture for padlock

  • Noise reduction (lid)

  • Towing kit

  • Fork-lift pockets for secure transportation by fork-lift trucks

mobile waste containers 1100 L FL LIL Spare parts

Spare parts

Spare parts mobile waste containers 1100 L FL LIL

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