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Wheelie bins & Mobile waste containers from Weber

Quality made in Germany

Wheelie bins & Mobile waste containers. Weber GmbH & Co.KG is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial wheeled bins and mobile garbage bins (MGB). All Weber trade wheelie bins are suitable for the different requirements of waste collection and disposal, such as general waste, paper, glass, packaging, etc. They are available in all commonly-used sizes and designs for public institutions, disposal companies, industry and private households.
Mobile garbage bins and commercial wheelie bins from Weber are produced using the compact injection moulding process, from high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE), in accordance with DIN EN 840, in Haan, Germany.
All Weber waste recycling bins comply with the Noise Control Ordinance in accordance with the EC directive and are marked with the appropriate noise level.


Wheelie bins 60 - 360 litre & Mobile waste containers

Litter bins 10 - 50 litre from Weber 10 - 50 litre from Weber Litter bins 10 - 50 litre

Litter bins 10 l

Wheelie bins 60-80 litre from Weber Wheelie bins MGB 60 - 80 litre

Wheelie bins 80 l

Wheelie bins 120-180 litre from Weber Wheelie bins MGB 120,140,180 litre

Wheelie bins 140 l
Wheelie bins 180 l

Wheelie bins 240-360 litre from Weber Wheelie bins MGB 240 - 360 litre

Wheelie bins 360 l

Mobile waste containers & Mobile garbage bins 660 - 1100 litre

Plastic miniature MINI-Wheelie bins Plastic miniature MINI-Wheelie bins

MINI-Wheelie bins 0,4 l

Quality assurance and certifications
Manufacturing and certification of wheelie bins & mobile waste containers from Weber

The highest requirements on the raw materials to be employed ensure maximum process reliability in the production of our trash containers and trade wheelie bins, and are the basis of our quality and environmental management system according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001.
In addition, our trade mobile garbage bins and plastic waste containers meet the criteria of both DIN EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1. Furthermore, our commercial wheelie bins are marked with the CE mark according to Directive 2000/14 EC as well as the appropriate noise level (dBA).
The waste recycling bins and litter bins are produced using the compact injection moulding process, from high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE). This material was specially developed for the manufacture of refuse containers and recycling bins and is certified in accordance with internationally-recognised quality standards. Sitemap It is resistant to rotting, cold, heat and chemicals; special UV stabilisation makes it particularly resistant to ageing.

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International Trade Fair for Environment
International Trade Fair for Waste Disposal and the Environment is one of the leading international trade fair companies. There is hardly a market that makes such fast development as that for environmental and disposal products - worldwide. The great interest shown, in particular by the international public, is the best proof of this. Our products met with great interest. The outstanding, indeed proverbial, quality of our products found special recognition.