Wheelie bins MGB 1100 litres RL from Weber

Wheelie bins MGB 1100 litre RL

  • Nominal volume 1100 L
  • Nominal loading capacity 144 Kg

manufactured in accordance with the regulations of DIN EN 840 (Parts 3, 5 and 6) and RAL GZ 951/1

are suitable for both DIN and comb-lifting devices (form A in accordance with EN 840-3)

Easy-to-move, spring-supported sliding lid, lockable in three positions

high-quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

UV stabilised, resistant to frost, heat and chemicals

200 mm diameter quiet-running, solid rubber heavy-duty castors, 360° swivel range

available with wheel stop/double stop or central braking system

corrosion-resistant metal parts

the lid is attached to the body with high-strength polyamide hinges. Corrosion-protected metal springs keep the lid closed

can be easily moved from all sides by using the four lateral handles on the body.

the waste bin features a standard water drain (2 inch water drainage hole)

available in all usual colours and combinations (e.g. grey, blue, brown or green)

Wheelie bins MGB 1100 litre RL from Weber in detail:


Options for the wheelie bins 1100 L RL

As a producer of high-quality wheelie bins, Weber offers a large range of special equipment. The following options are available at a surcharge:

Foot-operated lid opener

The easy-to-operate foot pedal of the mobile four 4 wheeled recycling bins facilitates the opening of the roll top lid. Both hands are therefore free to conveniently fill the mobile recycling containers.

Castors with central braking system

The plastic four 4 wheeled wheelie bins can also be supplied with a central braking system. A foot pedal installed at the right side of the container enables the central locking of the roll top mobile recycling containers. A triangular key is used on the right grab-handle to release the central brake.

Castors with central braking

If you have opted for a version with central braking, you will be able to simply lock two of the castors of the four 4 wheeled waste containers with a foot pedal. The two front castors of the roll top waste recycling bins are locked by the brake shaft.

Gravity box

As an option, you may equip the plastic waste recycling bins with a gravity box. The gravity box offers the same high level of safety as the standard child lock, but with the additional benefit that the lid of the mobile four 4 wheeled trash/garbage cans closes automatically after emptying.

Marking with hot-foil or injection embossing

You can have our plastic mobile garbage bins with individual marking. We can mark the lids of the four 4 wheeled wheelie bins with an embossed insert and we can apply single-colour hot-foil printing on the body.

Wheelie bins 1100 l dome lid have a safe and sturdy design! Ideal for paper, general waste, glass, etc. Get more information about our bins!

In addition, the following options are available at a surcharge

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