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Extras 4-wheeled containers
 Chute opening in lid
 Lid opener
 Tipping chutes
 Lock systems
 Embossing and signs
 Data carriers (transponder)
 Noise reduction
 Pulling gear

 Your enquiry

Extras 2-wheeled containers

Pulling gear

Extras: 4-wheeled containers

Containers can be equipped with pulling gear for transporting numerous containers at the same time within the workplace e.g. in combination with a fork-lift truck.
WEBER pulling gear is manufactured from INOX and is made as complete components with the wheel brackets as a substructure and fastened with 8 screws each.
This ensures that the tensile load is applied evenly to the substructure of each container.
The construction distinguishes itself by a high level of stability and durability.
Simple retrofitting is possible at any time without any need for drilling, stencils etc.

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