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Extras 4-wheeled containers
 Chute opening in lid
 Lid opener
 Tipping chutes
 Lock systems
 Embossing and signs
 Data carriers (transponder)
 Noise reduction
 Pulling gear

 Your enquiry

Extras 2-wheeled containers

Tipping chutes

Extras: 4-wheeled containers

As a worldwide partner of local authorities and waste disposal firms, Weber provides container systems in compliance with DIN 30740 / EN 840. Therefore, the best possible compatibility to all regular tipping chutes with toothed rims and DIN chutes is provided for.

DIN - chutes with restriction panes
Stable restriction panes made from galvanized steel are incorporated into the chute neck and thereby form a compact unit.
This design offers additional security against containers falling out during the tipping process.

Ochsner-type handles (Ochsner-type tipping )
On request, the containers can be fitted with high-quality galvanised steel Ochsner handles (Ochsner-type tipping).

The connecting dimensions are laid out so that an optimal fit with all regular lifting and tipping devices is guaranteed and that the containers fit into the relevant chutes without lifting.

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