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Extras 4-wheeled containers
 Chute opening in lid
 Lid opener
 Tipping chutes
 Lock systems
 Embossing and signs
 Data carriers (transponder)
 Noise reduction
 Pulling gear

 Your enquiry

Extras 2-wheeled containers

Electronic chip (transponder)

Extras: 4-wheeled containers

Electronic data carriers can be employed to aid fair billing according to the number of collections and actual waste quantity.

Vehicles are equipped with an appropriate detection device. Each container is identified during emptying and the net waste weight calculated. Charges are based on a combination of vessel volume, waste weight and number of collections.

A mounting device for installing an electronic chip is provided in the pick-up yoke (toothed strip).
It is sensible to include the chip shrinkage as part of the manufacturing process.

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