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 Spare parts:
 Container 60 litres
 Container 80 litres
 Container 120 litres
 Container 140 litres
 Container 240 litres
 Container 360 litres
 Container 660 litres
 Container 770 litres
 Container 1000 litres
 Container 1100 litres
 Container 1100 litres RD

Spare parts large refuse containers 360 litres
Axles and wheels
A005520Axle 552 mm
R002000Wheel, Ø 200 mm
R003000Wheel, Ø 300 mm
Body and lid MGB 360 l.
03601R0Body MGB 360 l.
03601D0Lid MGB 360 l.
DB00012Lid pin MGB 360 l.

  Overview of replacement parts (PDF)

 Spare parts enquiry