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 Spare parts:
 Container 60 litres
 Container 80 litres
 Container 120 litres
 Container 140 litres
 Container 240 litres
 Container 360 litres
 Container 660 litres
 Container 770 litres
 Container 1000 litres
 Container 1100 litres
 Container 1100 litres RD

Spare parts large refuse containers, 1100 litres - round lid
1100080Drain plug
1100081Seal ring
1100016Spring holder
1100017Lid bearing
1100032Screw 7 x 20
1100033Screw 6 x 16
1100067Left spring
1100068Right spring
Catch for lid lock MGB 1100 l. CL
1100020Lid trunnion
1100033Screw 6 x 16
1100096Catch for lid lock
1100101Flush rivet 4,8 x 17
Central brake - chassis
1100040Plastic wheel with central brake system
1100041Plastic wheel
1100042Direction lock for plastic wheel
1100007Brake pedal
1100050Hexagonal bar 1030 mm
1100051Brake bar
1100030Screw 10 x 40
1100034Rivet 50x8 mm
Child safety lock MGB 1100 l. circular lid
1100069gravity box
1100102Flush rivet 4,8 x 25
0660004Handle MGB 660/770/1100 l. flat
1100032Screw 7 x 20
Handle for central brake system
0660003Handle for central brake system MGB 660/770/1100 l. flat
1100006Lock plate
1100062Lock bolt
1100063Lock spring
1100065Triangular key
1100032Screw 7 x 20
Left trunnion MGB 1000/1100 L
1100001Left trunnion MGB 1000/1100 L
1100031Screw 7x30
1100055Trunnion insert
Lid extras MGB 1100 l. circular lid
1100032Screw 7 x 20
1100070Lid seal
1100071Clip rim 90°
1100087Left shaft
1100088Right shaft
Lid opening device MGB 1100 l. circular lid
1100099Lid opening device MGB 1100 l. circular lid
Lid spring MGB 1100 l. circular lid
1100033Screw 6 x 16
1100061Lid spring
Right trunnion MGB 1100 lt. CL
1100002Right trunnion MGB 1100 lt. CL
1100031Screw 7x30
1100055Trunnion insert
1100095Lid lock
Wheel stopp - chassis
1100041Plastic wheel
1100046Plastic wheel with wheel stop
1100030Screw 10 x 40

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