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 Overview 1000 lt. Container RD
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Chassis of 4-wheeled containers

The containers are equipped with four solid rubber tyres on smooth-running heavy-duty castors with a diameter of 200mm / load capacity per wheel: 205 kg.

The four casters can swivel 360░, the forks have ball bearings and are maintenance-free.  All steel parts such as wheel forks, slewing rings for casters, screws and brake shaft are all galvanised, the brake lever and locking bar are made of aluminium. This makes for easy manoeuvring even if heavily loaded.

At a slight surcharge the standard plastic wheel rims can be replaced by a sheet steel wheel rim with groove ball bearings. 
The wheels can be arrested at the front in the direction of movement. The central brake works on both wheels at the front and is activated by means of a foot pedal. Different varieties of chassis are available as an extra (e.g. central brake or double stopper).

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