Wheelie bins MGB 1100 litre flat lid from Weber

Wheelie bins MGB 1100 L FL

  • Nominal volume 1100 L
  • Nominal loading capacity 440 kg

Optimal form stability through compact injection moulding manufacturing

From specifically developed high molecular weight low pressure polyethylene

Manufactured according to regulations of RAL GZ 951/1 and DIN EN 840.

Extremely weather-resistant and UV light-stabilised

Safety through emptying via stepped ridge bar and optional, lateral steel-reinforced pick-up studs

Rugged, ergonomically shaped lid with optimised profile for water run-off

Simple lid replacement (e.g. when changing fractions)

Convenient handling from all sides through optimally placed handles

Chipnest for transponders/data carriers as standard feature

Undercarriage with wheel stop, alternatively available with central brake

quiet-running, full rubber heavy-duty casters with ⌀ 200 mm, 360° swivel range

all metal parts are zinc-plated and therefore corrosion-resistant

Water run-off incl. water drainage spout as standard equipment

Simple cleaning and maintenance through smooth surfaces

Available in many colours such as grey, blue, brown, green

Customer colours upon request

Wheelie bins MGB 1100 litre flat lid from Weber in detail:

Dimensional drawing wheelie bins
Image gallery: wheelie bins
Options for wheelie bins
wheelie bins 1100 L Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing

Sizes, dimensions and measures of the wheelie bins 1100 L FL

wheelie bins 1100 L FL Dimensional drawing
Image gallery: wheelie bins

Image gallery

Image gallery: wheelie bins 1100 L FL

Wheelie bins 1100 L FL

Our four 4 wheel wheelie bins with single-part flat lid and nominal loading capacity of 440 kg comply with the dimensional and test requirements of DIN EN 840 Parts 2, 5 and 6. The waste wheelie bins feature optimal wall thicknesses and are extremely durable. They can be fully recycled at the end of their useful life.

View of lid

The ergonomically shaped and rugged flat lid of the wheeled recycling bins is mounted to the corpus with four sturdy lid bolts. It can be opened by 270°. Its form facilitates optimal water run-off. The mobile waste containers can also be fitted retroactively with a lid-in-lid system.

Ridge bar with chipnest

Our mobile domestic waste bins feature a recess for the permanent accommodation of data carriers/transponders below the front pick-up as standard item. (Meeting the requirements of RAL-GZ 951/1 and DIN 30745)


The wheelie bins are equipped with optimally placed and ergonomic open handles from plastic. This lets you easily manoeuvre the mobile garbage bin also when wearing work and winter gloves and while fully loaded.

Undercarriage with wheel stop

The undercarriage of the mobile wheeled refuse bins from plastic are equipped with a double wheel stop brake system as standard feature. This facilitates the convenient and secure locking of the wheelie bins. The brake pedals can be operated independently from each other. Wheels and slewing ring are blocked when the brakes are applied.

Wheelie bins 1100 L manufactured from high-grade plastic. Available in green, yellow, blue, brown, etc. Order now! Directly from manufacturer Weber!



Options for the wheelie bins 1100 L FL

The following special equipment is available at a surcharge:

Lateral DIN pick-up studs

To prepare the wheelie bins from the producer Weber for DIN comb lifting devices according to DIN 30731 or DIN EN 1501-5, you may equip the four 4 wheel wheelie bins with lateral pick-up studs. What’s more, the pick-up studs are steel-reinforced to provide maximum stability.

Lateral carrying handles

Lateral carrying handles make manoeuvring of the four 4 wheel recycling bins much easier. The rugged carrying handles with reinforcement ribs are manufactured according to EN 840-2. If you have opted for an undercarriage with central stop function, the lateral carrying handles are already included in the scope of delivery of the wheeled dustbins for outdoor use.

Undercarriage with central parking brake

If desired, we can equip your four 4 wheel mobile recycling container with a central parking brake. The central stop is triggered at the right side of the mobile trash / garbage cans. To release the brake, use a triangular key at the right carrying handle of the wheelie bins.

Wheel versions for special purposes

To optimally prepare the four 4 wheel wheeled dustbins for long transport stretches or special purpose applications you may equip the wheelie bins with heavy-duty rollers with steel rim and ball bearings, polyamide wheels or castors with non-thread surface.

Steering locks (directional locks)

We can fit your wheeled recycling bins with easy to operate steering locks (directional locks). The directional locks are especially recommended if you are using pulling equipment.

Marking with hot or injection embossing

We can mark you wheeled refuse bin with permanent injection embossing on the lid or single-colour corpus embossing. City arms, company logos or numbers are especially liked. We’ll be glad to offer you advice regarding customization of your wheelie bins.

In addition, the following options are available at a surcharge:

  • Drop-in opening in lid for waste glass

  • Manual or automatic (gravity lock) closing devices

  • Fixture for padlock

  • Noise insulation

  • Drawbar system for handling with pulling devices (pulling gear/pulling fixture)

  • Forklift pockets (e.g. for forklifts or front loaders)

wheelie bins 1100 L FL Spare parts

Spare parts

Spare parts wheelie bins 1100 L FL

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